Fehérló Gortva aka “Nøkken”, Co-Founder, Lead Editor

Known by the alias “Nøkken” in many communities, Fehérló is a Hungarian-American revivalist of Magyar shamanistic spirituality, animist, musician, writer, visual artist and horse therianthrope who has been part of the other-than-human communities for more than two decades. Fehérló awakened to their nonhumanity at a very young age and later discovered the online communities in the late 90s, where they participated in IRC, forums and eventually moved to the communities on SecondLife. They co-created the Wildpath Library and community server with Nul, work as its chief editor and community admin, and are committed to helping grow critical discourse and a thriving and supportive environment for nonhuman-identifying persons. They also plan to someday finish a major research thesis Being Other-Than-Human with their collaborator Nul. Nøkken’s nonhuman identity and beliefs are an integral part of their life and work in music and art, frequently referring to themselves as an “old horse spirit.” They work as a violinist and are the lead fiddler for the pagan neofolk band Nøkken + The Grim, themed after animality and Norse and Magyar spirituality. They are a strong proponent of environmental and animal activism, indigenous rights and decolonization and have a background in philosophy. On their spare time, they are an avid naturalist with an interest in cognitive ethology (animal cognition), and he practices survivalism, bushcraft, backpacking, and they work on spiritual growth and crafts.

undefinedTesem, Co-Founder, Editor

Tesem is a Scottish-American programmer, cybersecurity specialist, and non-human who has been in the Global Vampire Community and other-than-human communities for more than a decade. Discovering their other-than-human nature in their childhood, they began to engage with local groups before discovering the vast landscape that was the online non-human communities in the early 2000s. They co-created the Wildpath community server and are interested in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding with regards to identity and the self. Their non-human identity greatly altered the course of their personal and professional lives, encouraging them to become engaged with such things as eco-activism, cognitive ethology, machine learning, and individual support within the larger communities. They are a strong advocate for considering future AI moral agents, and they explore this field of thought in their own work. On top of their physical pursuits, they place great importance on striving to educate and support others on matters regarding spirituality and the metaphysical.

undefinedKisota, Editor, Scientific Perspectives

I’m Kisota, a coyote therian and wildlife biologist with a background in behavioral ecology (MS). I began participating in the therianthrope community circa 2004, finding the terminology a functional framework for understanding lifelong experiences. Primarily, I seek to be a servant when interacting with the therian community, and I remain on the help staff at Werelist to act in that capacity. My interests range from biology and psychology to philosophy and art, and I enjoy exploring therianthropy in all these contexts.