Current Surveys (Open)

Nonhumanity in Our Own Words
June, 2020 – Present

About: This survey is an opportunity to share your experiences, thoughts and perspective about your nonhumanity in your own words. Questions are open-ended and are write-in responses, so you may write as much or a little as you would like. We recommend around 1-3 paragraphs. Survey responses may be included in the Wildpath Library or included as references in Wildpath’s formal book publications. More information about the project and privacy protection is included in the link.

Archived Surveys (Closed)

Survey of Otherkin/Therians’ feelings towards representation of themselves
April, 2018 – December, 2018
Total Responses: 196
Results (TBA)

About: This survey covered topics concerning misrepresentation of nonhuman identities by both academia and mainstream media, focusing on three different fields: religious studies, psychology, and gender studies. We also collected very detailed demographic information and some general information about nonhuman persons’ beliefs on topics, such as spirituality/religion, how they understand their identities, environmentalism, etc. The survey focused on quantitative data collection, but participants were allowed to also share their own thoughts about the topic at the end of each section with a write-in response.