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Nonhuman Community Websites: Otherkin, Therianthrope, Etc.


The Werelist – One of the longest, still running, community hubs for therianthropes and other nonhumans, founded by Coyote Osborne in 2001 and then relaunched in 2007.
Therian Wilderness – (Defunct) A significant message board for otherkin and therianthropes founded by Re Harakthi in 2012. Activity has tapered off completely, but last update noted that it is due to be rebuilt and moved to a different host.
Otherkin.net – An Otherkin community hub which hosts articles, forums, messaging and a wiki site called AnOtherWiki.

Social Media

United Otherkin Alliance – (Facebook) A Facebook group run by Silver Flame and Zardoa, founding members of the original Silver Elves and the Otherkin community. Linked to several other groups also run by the Silver Elves that focus more upon the Elfin/Fae communities.
The Therian Circle – (Facebook) A Facebook group run by Lucky Wolf and Wolf Maiden Cobb focused on critical discussion and community support.

Individual Websites

Between Forest and Sea – House of Chimeras’ resource of articles, academic references, personal writings and a very well-researched timeline of the contemporary nonhuman communities. House also has a Tumblr page, Cooperation & Diversity.
The Writings of O. Scribner – Orion Scribner is another significant historian in the nonhuman communities, well-known for their Theri-There comic and the Otherkin Timeline: The Recent History of Elfin, Fae, and Animal People.
Nøkken + The Grim – (Official) Pagan neofolk band led by the fiddler Nøkken, which draws upon therianthropy, Scandinavian folklore, Norse and Magyar spiritualities. Has an EP called “Bestiengesang” for usage in shapeshifting rituals and journeying.
Thébaïde – (Defunct) Akhila’s webpage, which contains some excellent articles and writings by them as well as hosts the writings of many others. Hasn’t been updated since 2014.
Absurdism – Hosts two websites by feline therianthropes, Quil’s Absurdism and Katsune’s Spotted Fur, which contains their writings, thoughts and perspectives.

Projects and Collaborative Efforts

Project Shift – Collaborative effort to provide a catalogue of nonacademic articles and information about therianthropy, established in 2008-2009. Currently still operating and with recent updates.
The Werelibrary – (Defunct/Archived) Was a host of many writings, essays and prose of therianthropes since 2007. Recently went down in 2019 and now is only accessible via the Internet Archive.
Alt.Horror.Werewolves (AHWw) – (Defunction/Archived) Usenet group that was created in 1992. In 1993, individuals started expressing that they were nonhuman/animals, originally going by the term “weres.” This became one of the first therianthrope communities. It has been archived and can be viewed at this link.

GVC (Global Vampire Community) Websites

Darkened Mirror (Smoke & Mirrors) – Lady CG’s primary website and one of the major support networks/hubs for the GVC, which contains her blog, archives of the Smoke & Mirrors forums, and a wealth of resources. Darkened Mirror now primarily operates as a extensive Discord server for community support.
Vampire Community News (VCN) – (Official) Merticus’ VCN is one of the central news hubs for the GVC, established in 2008. Merticus’ work in the GVC has been extensive. The VCN has a Facebook, Twitter and Discord server. Also hosts a Facebook group, Vampire Community Discussions (VCD).

Nonhumanity/Animality: Spirituality, Science and Philosophy

Art, Literature and Music

Podcasts and Media

Rejected Religion – Stephanie Shea’s podcast and research into misunderstood and esoteric spiritualities and traditions. Shea is a religious studies scholar who holds a masters from University of Amsterdam and is a collaborator with Wildpath Library. Her podcast and research will also include studying the Otherkin community.

Academic Journals

Revenant Journal: Critical and Creative Studies of the Supernatural – (Open Access) Peer-reviewed journal that explores topics of the supernatural through thoroughly papers. What is unique about Revenant is that its authors apply diverse critical fields such as queer theory, anthrozoology, literary studies and feminist theory. Issue 2 deals with werewolves and transformation and even interviews individuals who
Humanimalia: A Journal of Human/Animal Interface Studies – (Open Access) Excellent peer-reviewed journal published by DePauw University. Deals with critical topics in anthrozoology or human-animal studies (HAS), exploring issues of identity, ecology, cohabitation, human-animal sociality, ethics, posthumanism and other such topics
Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education & Society – Independent peer-reviewed journal that works outside of the predominant paradigms of “Western academia.” Decolonization, in its most general concept, is the reversal of colonization and the return of indigenous lands. However, decoloniality expresses this process as applied to thought, social societies and individual movements towards indigenous lifeways and against settler-colonial ideologies. As such, it of entangles human and nonhuman interests, focuses upon situated identity within ecosystems, and indigenous conceptualities and spiritualities which are conducive to nonhuman identity.
FurScience: International Anthropomorphic Research Project (IARP) – (Limited Open Access) IARP is a research project that focuses upon publishing peer-reviewed scholarship about the furry community. However, Dr. Elizabeth Fein and Dr. Kathleen Gerbasi have become aware of the nonhuman communities (Otherkin, therianthropes, etc.) and have begun researching and publishing on our nonhuman identities. Their free e-book FurScience contains some demographic information about therianthropes and other nonhuman-identifying persons.

Other Resources

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