Masticina Akicta – “The Rabbit’s Gift”

2021 was a strange year for me, growth- and change-wise. Many things were closed off, and many plans made long ago were set in action. Waiting like a seed on the right weather. Long term events like moving were finally set to be put in place. The last preparations, the house hunt and the many non invites. 

It is a year that (as shitty as has been with restrictions, limitations and bullshit) I have worked deeply on my earthy nature: the ability to withstand the storm, requiring the wisdom of the rabbit to hide when needed or go into a warren.

I’ve been feeling the screaming of earth, and the madness all around us trying to pull us apart. And I have been long busy being the one stable platform others could talk to, the person that wouldn’t go insane in this crazy time. I’d often be the person others would come to talk too to ground them, to find a form of peace, a willing ear, someone who would understand them on an emotional level. All the while trying to stand the storm myself. 

It was a year that brought the end of certain things but also new beginnings. And many practices require keeping everything under control: the need for better planning both short term and long term, and to use the time given, within limitations, as best as possible. 

Anxiety, as a rabbit’s life goes, is always close by–seeing trouble ahead of time and knowing how to jump out of its way.

Covid opened up the doors to some form of more freedom. Strange as it sounds, forced by the pandemic I have been quite busy working on my future and a move into an apartment close to water and green. Somewhere peaceful yet close enough to others if needed. The rabbit in me is always wary about changes and things out there. Still, it’s a whole new warren closer to family and with the added benefit of still being close to water and nature. Living in a gray dead block cell is killing. Trust me, I have been there, I once lived in an apartment complex 11 high and it had about 200 apartments. Ever felt a number? Ever asked yourself who your neighbors were? Dealing with 500 strangers around you? And with that I mean strangers! It was insane! No water, nor green plants. My new warren will be a low apartment building where you will learn your neighbors.

This year also brought the magical side of the rabbit, the gifts that come with my position. Understanding death and life, so many have lost pets. And so many could use kind words of hope. To be fair, that had lingered before too, but with so many animals dying in 2021 in times that people needed companionship the most, at least I could tell them that their animal companion’s soul had made it to the other side. 

But their companion’s soul isn’t always dead. One person was pregnant, and later I felt a huge weight on my chest, a rabbit soul that wanted to guard the newborn. And knowing I could somehow set up such a deal, after chatting with this person, who luckily was open to the spirit world, I could help transfer this spirit over to protect and aid the child.  

It’s a calling in a way, a calling requiring me to be closer to others. A calling to study deeper into my spiritual connections and work on them more. My calling is to help others, mostly through emotional times by being someone they can talk to. And to be a bridge between the spirit world and this one. 

Bad times are ahead, and to withstand this storm a strong forest is required. One housed by a Rabbit.