Song of Beasts

Humanity’s history has been marred with righteous tyranny, against each other, against other species, against the sacred natural world.

In the face of this, ours is a song for the different, the outcasts, those whom humanity has conquered and brutalized again and again.

We are animal outsiders.

We are the beasts.

We are those hated for no reason.

It does not matter what our skin color is, our creeds, our cultures, our histories, our spiritualities, our sexes, our genders, our loves, our lives.

All we can do is sing our song of loss and the small world closing in on us.

The wildlands shrink. The Earth Mother heaves and wheezes. Cultures, peoples, and all other living things crushed under the heels of those with power.

Our song remains, a gasping exhale.

It joins with the air and refuses silence.