Many Happenings

Some important things are coming along. Although building the Library has progressed somewhat slowly, we’ve got some updates!

There are two new galleries on the page, created last month: the beautifully haunting nature photography of Anam Cara, and the raw, animalistic artwork of Nul.

Stephanie Shea, a friend and researcher in Religious Studies has released her thesis “Identity and Belief: An Analysis of the Otherkin Subculture” utilizing some data we have compiled from our first survey. Her thesis is critical of the ways our identities have been treated as only religious or as a “New Religious Movement” (NRM) by previous researchers, arguing that “Otherkin identity should be seen as being separate from any religious and/or social constructions, and could therefore be regarded as a philosophy of a state of being  other-than-human.” (Shea 91) We will eventually host her thesis on the Wildpath Library, but for now, you can read it on her academia page, and also give her some support.

**EDIT: Shea’s thesis is now available to read and view on Wildpath here.

We have begun a new survey, Nonhumanity in Our Words, which is now open for responses. Our previous survey’s data, which covers community demographics and issues of misrepresentation in academia and media will hopefully be released in the near future with an analysis. The new survey is an opportunity to discuss nonhumanity in your own words, your experiences and perspective. All of the questions are open-ended prompts, except for some basic demographic questions at the beginning. We hope to include responses to the survey on this website and in a new book we are writing that discusses nonhumanity from the perspective of philosophy and anthrozoology.

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